What an excellent graphics and sound track . also the good Characterization make it more amazing .

User Rating: 9 | Botanicula PC
Botanicula is point'n'click exploration game created by Jára Plachý and Amanita Design . It's about a bunch of five friends - little tree creatures who set out for a journey to save the last seed from their home tree which is infested by evil parasites , so the story is realy Appealing . it is one of the Creative video game which some times want to Laugh you . Machinarium , was their first full-length adventure game . the Main story in Machinarium was in a Dirty city , but in Botanicula you have an adventure game in a beautiful tree , which you have to save it from some Parasite , and also you have the Last Seed from that tree ....
for do your Mission you have to solve some easy and hard Puzzle , also each Puzzle can solve by one of the Characters , due to that Character Property . sorry if there are some grammatical or Orthographic mistake .