Beautiful, creative and most importantly oozes charm.

User Rating: 8 | Botanicula PC
Botanicula is the latest game by the makers of the awesome point-and-click game Machinarium. Botanicula shines most when you play it on a single sitting (game is not too hard. I would say about 5 hrs at the most) and is best played with headphones to truly immerse yourself into this fantastic world.

In many ways Botanicula is a macro lens view of the world. The world as seen from the eyes of its smallest denizens. The first thing you will observe is the attention to detail. Everything from the smallest leaf to a frog sitting in a small puddle of water will react to your clicks. The art style lends itself to the game and is very fresh and imaginative. Each of many creatures you meet are charmingly animated and their cries/sounds merge flawlessly with the background score.

Puzzles take the back-seat here and most of the screens can be navigated by clicking randomly on the screen. There is never any doubt as to where you need to go. The game manages to make random clicking feel fun.Also there is always a feeling of awe as you make your way to new area. This is botanicala's greatest strength.

All in all, the game is a solid for a one time play. There is almost 0 replayabiliy here. The biggest drawbacks are the short length and the difficulty level. I was in awe for the 5 hrs that it took for me to finish the game.

Machinarium is still imo, Amanita's best work. However Botanicula is the more accessible of the two.