Clicking is always rewarding in this charming adventure game

User Rating: 8 | Botanicula PC
Botanicula is a delightful adventure game from the developers who brought us Machinarium. Amanita Design craft another appealing universe with a variety of bizarre creatures living within the ecosystem of a tree. You play as a group of creatures and their home is under threat by a dark creature capable of sucking the very life from things. As you journey through the tree branches you'll find new friends and solve simple puzzles. Botanicula rewards players who want to click their way to success.

Puzzles in Botanicula are not as hard or involving as those found in Machanrium. Some puzzles are trial and error, but these are rarely a chore. Most puzzles are just a few simple steps with the occasional need to bring items to the correct characters. You might play a game of Pong against a creature to acquire a bird. Alternatively finding seeds in a cavernous area will allow you to progress. Much of the game is a standard pixel hunt but the hunting is enjoyable.

The land of Botanicula is full of wonderment and interaction. Clicking on objects or characters may set off a chain reaction of animations and delicious melodies. You'll want to click on everything even though you won't need to. Some trial and error puzzles produce some interesting results each time. Admittedly there were only two spots in the game where my progress was stalled briefly from the smooth flowing adventure.

Almost every click and puzzle results in some audio-visual payoff. Botanicula is a great looking game produced entirely using Flash. It has a distinct flavour with strong contrasts between creatures, interactive elements and backgrounds. The music is also great, just as it was in Machinarium, meshing beautifully with the visual design. The adventure in Botanicula is a short one, as you'll have seen everything in four hours. But it's hard to fathom being disappointed with the end result. What you get with Botanicula is a relaxing adventure that will surely bring a smile to your face.