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User Rating: 9.5 | Borderlands PC
First off, this game is very-very good. Before I get into the review, I would like to type a statement to the users that gave this gave a poor review based on performance, or just not understanding the game mechanics. First off I run this game on a 4 year old Dell XPS laptop, my screen resolution can handle 1920x1200, but because my laptop is not up to date with current hardware configurations, I understand and accept the fact that I can not see this game at it's max settings. I'm running this game at 1440x900 with avrg settings around medium, and the game is still very impressive with a nice style of art that can be refreshing for anyone. This game doesn't not have performance issues, and anyone that doesn't have the IQ to understand that there broken 5 year old computer that runs world of warcraft at 45 fps probably will not be able to handle this game with max settings. I also would like to point out that almost all RPG do not let you kill mobs that are 5 levels higher then you, when you start out in borderlands it's very simple your gear sucks and you do not have anything worth while till around 25. So taking on a mob that is 5 levels higher then you, just is a retarded move and should not take away people from this game. I read a review about someone that joined a gamed with his buddy that was level 15, and I believe he was level 10, and he was trying to kill level 15 mobs, not only does it increase the difficulty with more players, but I have to ask why you just didn't have your high level friend help you kill level 11 or 12 mobs so you could catch up to him>??? This game is meant to be enjoyed with friends, much life Left 4 Dead that really is not a great game when you play it solo, but is a Fing amazing game when you play with friends. The same goes with borderlands, it can be enjoyed in a solo effort, if you enjoy RPG, but it's just such a rewarding game if you play with friends, just to recap over some of the bada$$ moments. So please don't shy away from the PC copy of borderlands, it's fun and well put together, and if your one of the people that can't stand First person shooters with a controller then do yourself a favor and buy the PC version you wont regret it.