I love this game.

User Rating: 10 | Borderlands X360
Its everything I would have hoped it to be. I am very fond of loot gathering games like Diablo and even Too Human so needless to say if your like me your gonna really love this game. I havent gotten very far but I tell ya that it has that addicting flavor and you can play it with your friends which makes it even more fun. The amount of enemies scales to how many people are playing.

I myself will max level all 4 playable classes. So there is a ton of replay value there. There is a new game+ mode that allows you to play through the game again with the starting area enemies up around 35 as opposed to lvl 1 when you start it initially. Its fun plain and simple and if any of you want to know what a loot gathering game offers in terms of addictive entertainment look no further, Borderlands has you covered. My goty.