Bucketloads of potential. Just needs a story.

User Rating: 8.5 | Borderlands PC
Pros: open ended exploration, marathonic replayability, great selection of weapons to choose for almost all tastes, weapons have an acceptable "feel-good" gameplay aspect to them (slightly better or same as Mass Effect 2's weapon feeling and much better than ME1 for example), fairly good satisfaction & training for a skilled first-person shooter or sniper, great music, lots of funny moments & lines.

Cons: very generic story, poor matchmaking and hosting options (can't limit team to just 2 for example while still being public and connection issues when 2 friends are in different countries and one of them has to host the game), graphics slightly dated (even for a comic-book style game) especially without proper integrated anti-aliasing in the PC version (forcing it doesn't give satisfactory results), and a feeling of "there's something missing but I just can't put my hand on it": maybe it's the lack of any proper story or plot, maybe the world itself needs more "character" or to be more alive somehow, not sure.