For a DLC, it’s not too shabby as there’s a lot of content instead of just changing your hair colour (so-to-speak).

User Rating: 8 | Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned PC

Borderlands and I have a bit of a love-hate relationship. The love is for the open world however the hate is that there’s not much to explore. The love is for diverse characters you get to choose from yet the hate is the lack-lustre storyline. The love is for the coop yet the hate is too many cheaters online. But there’s a massive love for the loot so there’s no hate there. Yet because of the massive success that this game had, there’s bound to be DLCs in the pipeline and first of the rank is The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. I didn’t place too much expectation with this however, because it has that horror feel, I really couldn’t pass it – so I gave it a bash and boy I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of content and, get this, it has a decent, yet predicable storyline that even the game took the piss out of its predictability.

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So the game is based in a new area called Jakobs Cove, which is a small town build by the Jakobs Corporation. Known for their famous wood finish weapons, higher damage output yet slower rate of fire ‘A hundred rounds in the magazine? With a Jakobs, you'll only need one.’ this area has a lot of trees, and what this equates to is, build a lumber yard. And because trees are rare in Pandora, it would be stupid not to build one. Yet things got out of hand and before anyone knew it, the undead suddenly appeared killing about 97% of the population. So your quest here is simple – kill all zombies, take no prisoners…and oh yeah, find out what caused the zombie plague.

So in true Borderland’s fashion, the area is quite large with five locations being Generally Hospital, Dead Haven, Hallow's End, Lumber Yard and The Mill – all unique save for Dead Haven as the area is the exact replica as Old Haven except for the undead lingering about obviously. There’s also ten main missions and fifteen sides ones to complete. Of course you can complete the DLC by just doing the main quest line however if you do, I feel you will be wasting this DLC as the side missions are equally entertaining to complete. In addition, there’s new monsters to kill (zombies included) and to those achievement hunters, five more are up for grabs as they actually are achievable to earn (with a little grinding effort).

Yet the highlights for this DLC is that there’s wonderful humour built into it (think Scooby Doo), some of the newer creatures are really amusing to look at (mum’s the word) and thankfully there’s more tapes to listen too which enhances the storyline – other words, there’s less of that nothingness and plenty of something. However there’s a grip here and that’s is when you exit the game then loaded it up again, you always start right at the beginning where you have entered Jacobs Cove and because there’s a crap load of zombies about, it can be a royal pain sprinting to where you originally left off. Yet there’s a saving grace of fast travel between locations in Jakobs Cove…but you got to run to it first (unless you are playing the siren where you can phase shift it).

To finish the main campaign it can take I believe two to three hours with an additional hour or so if you are aiming to finish the side missions as well. Achievement hunters can add a further hour still. For me, being the world’s slowest player, took me about eight hours to complete however I have done everything what this DLC can offer. That said, for (at the time of release) $10, it’s not too shabby as there’s a lot of content instead of just changing your hair colour (so-to-speak). Borderlands lovers should get this as it’s well suited for both single and coop modes.