I almost missed this great game

User Rating: 8 | Borderlands PS3

I started playing this game two years ago when it was given free for PSN Plus members. I co-oped some missions with my brothers and his friend getting a lot of XP and then I decided to stop playing it because the several games I bought at that time. After beating them all, I got no game to beat, except for those given by PSN.

So I decided to play it again. Great decision. I got hooked by the game, very interesting when shooter is combined with some RPG features. I like very much the sense of progressing, very smart.

My only complaint is the length. A shooter game should last longer than 10 hours, because you are wasting the time. So that I am giving it 8 and not 9. Just RPG with a deep story behind deserve to last longer than 10-20 hours. This game took me like 30 hours to beat. Some missions were great, other were too silly. Waste of time. However, most of the time I was enjoyed it and I was always hooked.

I wanted to get all out of it. The graphics are so - so. After playing some games on PS4 I realized what poor this game is in graphics. Just few effects.

I really recommend this game to be played, just if you have enough time. Consider to be involved like 30 hours (minimum). If you don't have time, miss the game, and play a new one..

Thanks for reading.