Coop tuned too difficult?

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Me and a friend started playing Borderlands in Co-op on PC. We're both level 17 now. So far we have a real hard time getting through the quests. We usually pick a quest that is either a few levels below us or the same level. Still mobs are able to almost one-shot us. Usually our shield is smashed and we have 1/3 of our health left in 1 hit. Also it usually takes almost a full mag from both our guns to kill a single mob. Way more if the monster is an elite, like the badass shock skags, which makes sence I guess. We're both experienced RPG players and are avarage shooters. We both have "gear" that is near to our level, we keep our shields up to date and basically know what to look for in our guns. We like hard but this just sucks the fun right out of it. We both have the feeling it's not tuned correctly. Is this possible? Can we somewhere change the co-op difficulty?