Borderlands The Pre Sequel

User Rating: 6 | Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel PS3

Well it is Borderlands and it sure feel like a Borderlands that we love and played so much for the loot, the funny dialogue and some epic moment.

Saddly this one feel like, it is too much of the good thing ? I played a lot of Borderlands 2 and playing this one felt like ... I played way too much this game already. This isn't the biggest problem of the game. People thought the maps were small and all but in reallity many maps do have many stories and it is a pain to find the way to go on top of the building. Also the missions, specially the story missions are, really bad. You often have to walk for 20 min to get to your objective only to be told that you have to go back at your starting point to activate something and come back ... it is a painnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

So I gave up on this game after 10 hours and getting to level 16 with my stupid Claptrap