Guns! Bandits and one armed Bandits! Awesome!

User Rating: 9 | Borderlands 2 X360
I played the original to death, mainly because it was the game of year addition and featured a ton of other game add on. the original was great - but not fantastic. A.i was unvaried, broken and stupid loot gave you all the money in the world and world characters had little depth.

Thankfully in gearbox fixed all that. The games A.i does more. More enemy classes means you'll have to change your tactics more, graphics are better (although in some areas textures more blurry) and there's more guns.

Borders lands 2 is one of the few games that haunts me in my dreams and causes me to have issues like a drug addiction.

Border lands 2 tops the original in every way - kinda wondering how they're going to top this with a sequel though?
Own it!

You'll love
- guns
- new bandit a.i
- one armed bandits fruit machines
- more guns
- new characters
- script just as good
- more character customizations.
- a useful item tagging system to define as favorite of trash

You'll hate
- some blurry textures here and there.
- yes you have to upgrade to get the D pad short cuts.
- having to go into your inventory to change weapons because of that.
- having to do real life job and not being able to play.

Spending money on the fruit machine to get Erridium is not a bad idea. Level up your inventory space to then collect more vendor trash to then cash in for more goes on the fruit machine. you'll soon find you'll be leveled up.