Been only 2 days after release but I thoroughly enjoy it. Although leveling up may take some time, the game is AWESOME!

User Rating: 9 | Borderlands 2 X360
Borderlands 2. I played the 1st and it was great. Now playing the second and i'm already hooked. Just like the first, you get to choose 1 of 4 characters to play as throughout the game. from the on you fight your way through pandora, the world you play on, to defeat handsome jack. First thing I noticed was customization. Already a plus. From the 1st Borderlands, creating your character and then designing your colors had pretty low options. But now in Borderlands 2, the designs are much more eye drawing with the variety of colors and looks. Now I actually take the time to look at each costume design before going to kill some monster or hyperion robot. Another thing i saw that was a change but inventive was the difference in perks and adding bonuses to your character through badass rank. The perk tree or actually 3 trees depending on which one you choose or split up uses skill points when leveling up. The badass skills gives you coins/tokens to use to increase bonuses for your character like fast shield regeneration or higher health points to gun damage and higher elementally effect chance. The only draw I would think from the badass skill tokens/coins was only having random 5 options every time you used a token. I can see that the creators of Borderlands wanted the player to evenly distribute their tokens instead of just over powering their gun damage or health. So, pretty much the game has made some improvements from the previous game. Some great and some just new changes the players have to look into and get used to. However, it's still everyone's favorite monster shoot up game with a "Bazillion more" guns to choose from.