A good game, but poorly executed with glaring flaws that ruin what otherwise would be a great experience.

User Rating: 6 | Borderlands 2 (Deluxe Vault Hunter's Collector's Edition) PC
If you haven't played borderlands 1, borderlands 2 is FPS meets Diablo(or torchlight).

In short, its more of the same of borderlands 1, just with some improvements and changes.

But what really ruined the game for me and will make me unlikely to come back to it is some of its really poorly designed, not well thought out elements.

The loot system suffers from what most games of its type suffer from. 99% of what you get is crap that you are going to simply vendor, while the rest might be something good. Throughout the entire game, I maybe switched my gun, like 7 times. That's not really often. And its frustrating to get a gun that would be an upgrade but since its by a certain "manufacturer", its a gun you wont want.

The games difficulty goes up and down like a roller coaster. Enemies can go from stupid easy to ridiculously hard in a nanosecond. The "badass" enemies do the same. Some are laughably easy, while others will kill you in 2 hits. And there is often no clear indication of what will kill you instantly. Its often a game of die once because of a cheap tactic, come back and kill that same enemy cause you know what its going to do.

Unclear quest objectives and rewards, and poorly designed quests. Some quests will have unclear objectives. Some quest objectives simply wont complete. And some quests have more than one reward option. Which is fine. But sometimes its pick who you will turn them for X reward. Except you can't preview what it will be so you can compare and see which is a better reward for you. All it tells you is the reward type (SMG,pistol, shield) but not what it actually is. And once turned in its done, no going back. And another quest was to "kill yourself". Either jump off a cliff, or don't. Next to the cliff you can jump off theres a button called the "suicide prevention hotline". Thinking it would just play a funny message and then I could jump off the cliff anyway, I clicked it. Funny message, but that forced me to choose the "don't" option, so I got crap experience instead of 12 Eridium (a valuable game currency) with no way to go back.

Also very frustrating is certain characters will be talking to you, like after you turn in a quest. But trigger someone else to talk (this can be done simply by walking around) and it will stop that dialog and switch to the new one. I probably missed half of what people were saying and possibly the story due to this.

How to win the game. Always the same answer. Shoot the critical spot. Head, ass, eye, etc. As fun as it is to headshot someone... when that is the intended outcome, every, single, time....it gets rather tiresome. Since some enemies heath pools are so large, due to limited ammo, that shooting them anywhere else is simply not viable.

The game's difficulty was clearly designed with multiplayer in mind. Is it possible to play and beat all by your lonesome? Sure. But you are going to have one hell of a time with it. So if you wana play with your friends, have a ball. But if you want to just play by yourself, good luck.

Overall a fun game, but not nearly deserving the high praise it gets. Gearbox has a LOT work they need to do in fine tuning and polishing their games before they release them.