Another potentially great game mucked up by marketing...

User Rating: 6 | Borderlands 2 PC

EDIT: To be fair to this review, I had mentioned the "Take Over Your Life" Borderlands pack offered on Steam. Upon checking, corrections: it's $125 ($124.99 or some such I believe), and it doesn't include EVERYTHING... most the extras in it seems to be for BL1, and it also includes plain BL2 without extras, and Pre-Sequel without extras).

EDIT 2: This game has to have the most confusing DLC *ever*. So to be FAIR, I *think* all the items of the season-pass (campaigns and first level-cap pack) are included in the GOTY, I know the level-cap pack is... so why Steam wouldn't list the "Season Pass" as "in library" if we already have the content is beyond me (I do see DLC in my library with "campaign" in the title, so assuming that and the others are the season-pass stuffs). BUT, what I thought were the season-pass campaign DLCs that weren't included are actually the HEADHUNTER DLCs... which cost $3 each for 5 of them, so rather than $30 for the season pass, it's still $15 for all of the Headhunter DLCs. So to again, have the complete Borderlands 2 experience, it's $40 for the GOTY, $30 for all of the skins, $15 for Headhunters, and $5 for the second level-cap pack... for a grand total of $90... again, for a game that's almost 5 years old, and had a newer game come out of the franchise since the release of Borderlands 2 in 2012!

First let me start by saying that this game is neat. I played Borderlands 1, but decided to pass on Borderlands 2 at the time of its release. I just recently picked it up earlier this year (2017), and the game originally came out 09/17/2012... so just shy of FIVE YEARS after the game released.

Again, game is fun, but here's the issue I'm having. I purchased the $40 GOTY edition, where in the past, most GOTY editions come with everything that's come out for a game... and would think almost 5 years later, they'd be more than happy to have everything bundled together for the $40 I paid. But no... and don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the 10 items that are included in Steam's GOTY edition... but then while I'm in game, I go over to the customization-station, and see at least 5 skins for the Gunzerker that have an "*" next to them and figured maybe that meant they were premium items that were included... go to equip one, to find out I have to pay $1 each for each of the 5 or so "*" skins, and while perusing, notice there's about 5 for each class. So 6 classes x 5 skins @ $1 a piece, that'd be another $30 right there for JUST SKINS. Then while perusing father, it dawns on me that the Season Pass also wasn't part of the package, which is another $30... then I see scenario packs (but from what I understand they'd be included with the Season Pass, so won't list their prices), but on top of that, there's other packs, like a second level-cap pack (GOTY included the first I believe), which is another $5.

Get where I'm going here!? $40 for GOY edition, plus $30 for JUST SKINS, plus $30 for Season Pass, plus $5 for the second level-cap pack (fairly certain that covers everything, but considering the lengthy list of DLC on Steam for this can't be certain)... so just to have the COMPLETE Borderlands 2 experience, even almost 5 years later, WITH a newer Borderlands (Pre-Sequal) that has released, looking at spending $105 at least!!! There's a "Borderlands: Take Over Your Life" pack for $129 which I believe included all Borderlands games, and I'd assume by the name everything for them... just WOW!

To be fair, I can at least recommend Borderlands 2 and perhaps even the GOTY edition, so long as you're going to just play the game and do your best to dodge all pay-walls and invisible dollar signs looming through the game... but I must say, so early on in the game to be struck in the face with, "oh, that'll cost you this much extra" after already having purchased the GOTY edition almost 5 years later on after the original release... I sadly am left with a "Need For Speed: Most Wanted" (the remake) impression... where immersion feels now a bit constantly broken, and honestly a bit gross, with pay-walls and missing-content and invisible dollar-signs looming all throughout the game. >_<

(From what I read about what's in the scenarios and the second level-cap pack, and skins, and other stuff... really feel like even after paying $40 almost 5 years later, there's still a decent amount that I'm missing out on. Honestly, I could easily afford the other $65 or more DLC, but the principle is just slapping me in the face like a stinky tuna-fish!)

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