Tons of guns, hilarious dialogues & impeccable action & over the top nonsense.

User Rating: 9 | Borderlands 2 PC

Borderlands 2 lets you play either as a commando, Mechromancer, Siren, Gunzerker or Assassin. I chose to play the game as Axton the Commando, whose unique skill is the gun turret that he pops out for a short duration which wreaks havoc on the enemies. As you progress further into the game and level up with your experience points you can apply upgrades to the skills of your character including the Machine gun turret. You can chose to opt for increasing shield or health or manipulating other aspects of combat.

The core game play is so much fun that you would lose a couple of initial hours just going around and farming for XP and looting the corpses & chests. The main story line is nevertheless effective & good enough to keep your attention. However it is those side quests you have to do in order to level up faster that makes the game so much fun. In order to play and pass through certain main story line missions you will have to do the side missions as they will grant additional XP which will be required to compete and win the campaign missions. Various side missions give you certain unique items like a special gun or shield.

The NPC characters including Claptrap, Scooter, Ellie, Mr. Torgue, Sir Hammerlock & Moxxi are incredibly funny & I found myself laughing out loud many a times. The dialogues & writing is super witty. I played through the Borderlands 2 game of the year edition, so I was equipped also with the 5 head hunter packs missions. They were a lot of fun to play with & each had a difficult boss fight in the end. The enemies of Borderlands 2 are also hilarious & shout some genuinely funny stuff while locked in combat against you.

The levels are excellently designed & fast travel can be used to access various cities. Also travelling by a car that is capable to shoot rockets also is a lot of fun. Borderlands 2 is over the top violence & genuinely funny scripts that will make you wanting more. Many a instances I would jump off a cliff (You can't die, no matter how much ever high you jump from) and in mid air throw the turret down to the ground and it would start killing enemies instantly. Without the turret the game would be extremely difficult to finish.

Now the weapons. 100's of different guns & relics, grenades & mods for different levels are available in Borderlands 2. Literally so much that you have to expand your back packs & decide which ones you want & which ones you want to sell. Eridium is a resource that is rare on Pandora planet & you can use it to upgrade your arsenal & ammo storage capacity on the black market trades. Weapons are purchased from vending machines which also you can use to sell your items. When fighting against a good enemy your shields can deplete quickly so you know when to take cover and let the turret do the job.

Borderlands 2 deals with the story of Handsome Jack & the Hyperion corporation who are trying to open the vault with an Eridium charged key & as the Crimson Raiders or the Resistance you and your team try to stop them from doing so as it will unleash an ancient powerful warrior, which Jack wants to use to kill everyone on Pandora & civilize it.

Your side team consists of Roland, Mordecai, Lilith & Brick. Except the last mission they don't accompany to help you out. But still they add a good punch to the story & make it worthwhile. The city of Sanctuary, which is the home to the Crimson Raiders is where you get most of your side & main missions. Also other cities NPC characters & mission boards give you other side missions which you must complete in order to level up & make the main campaign easier. The enemy variety is solid & diverse. Some of the mare very powerful. The boss fights are average. Some of them put up a good fight rest are average.

If you are a level 20 character going on mission where characters level 15, it will be easy enough. Overall Borderlands 2 is an excellent game that will keep you entertained for a good 100 hours. This is a superb & hilarious ride full of action. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE !!