A good place to get lost

User Rating: 8 | Borderlands 2 X360

Pandora the planet that Borderlands 2 takes place on takes you on a wonderful journey with a combination of unique artistic style, odd weapons, incredibly varying weapons, a cast of interesting and ridiculous characters, and quality comedy. As any of the four heroes you learn the tragic tale of what has unfolded since you left the franchise and the new enemy and the minions you must face. With varied skills and talents for each character and class you may truly play your way. With so many guns to choose from you will never go wanting for a new weapon once a favorite goes stale. Loot the central theme of how to progress in the game is fantastic and color coded for simple knowledge of what is valuable before you even touch it. Along with the main quest line you will be required to do some side work if you want to stay up to the challenge. However these side stories have their own fantastic threads of story telling from the tragic demise of a mining crew to helping a local mechanic woo the ladies. All in all a fantastic experience filled with comedy, cheesy violence, and a decently compelling main story. Please if you enjoy a shooter this is a game for you.

Thank you for your Time

Sincerely, Fake Mythology