Awesome Jack will get his ass kicked

User Rating: 9 | Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition PS3

Vault hunters are back for some new fun in Borderlands which is a mix between a FPS, a RPG and an Adventure game.

I didn't like that much the first Borderland but this one ... I just have fun. The presentation of a new boss or important caracters is always funny. They make many funny description during the loading screen. The caracters all have a very colorful personality from Tiny Tina to Mr Torgue and the Vault Hunters from the first game too.

The story is quite simple but way easier to get into it compare to the first one, playing online is also quite fun. One of the very rare game that I enjoy online.

This game doesn't take itselft seriously and this is what make it so fun and well it is kinda like Diablo but with gun ... so you can waste a lot of time just leveling up by beating the crap out of a badass.

Also the DLC are quite fun too, I don't buy DLC normally but this one ( like Fallout ) are worth it.