xbox! looking for some legendaries to take down pete the invincible

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I have been trying to farm legendaries since the game has been out and so far I have not been able to get anything too amazing. I am currently trying to beat Pete the invincible solo with my commando but can't kill him fast enough. I have a couple decent weapons/mods for trade if anyone wants, if anyone is able to pop in my game and maybe unload some stuff you would be my personal hero, not to mention if you ever need help with a raid boss I got you 

I have the following Legendaries;

Bulets go fasterifed slagga 3108x3 damage 115mag
Social Conference Call Slag 5382x5 damage
Crammed Unkempt Harold 15578 damage 26 mag
Win-Win Logan's Gun 7888 damage
Jam Packed Gunerang 9340 damage 43 mag
Puissant Pyrophobia 170529 damage 
Sledge's Shotgun 5013x12 damage 12 mag
Doc's Striker 6823x7
Acuminous Hellfire 4394 damage 31 mag
The Bee 38114 amp damage
Slayer of Terramorphous Commando mod
Sticky Homing Bonus Package 63284x10 damage with 10 children 

Let me know if you need anymore information.

GT: Rambinho5