Where are my Golden Keys??

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I recently bought the game and am in love with it. Before I started playing I entered a ton of shift codes for keys and other items. When I started the game I had a notification saying I had 45 golden keys. When I went to the golden box to redeem weapons I realized in the corner it said I only had 10. I don't know if the game can only display this much or what. I went to my redeemed codes in the extras and counted up the received keys to over 20 at least and all were valid. I have only used 3 keys so far and plan to only when I need them but now it says I have 7. Where did all my keys go?! Are they not being displayed? All my other codes worked just fine and I have everything I should. Has anyone else had this problem?
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I think it max's out at 10. I noticed the same thing the other day I had 8 keys and entered a shift code for 3 golden keys but it still only said I had 10. I think it is a way to keep people from being able to just get 20+ rare weps/items. So now I just wait until I have fewer keys to insure I get all of them from my shift codes. Hope that helps.