What should i do? Regardig True Vault Hunter Mode

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I just took down The Warrior and Jack at level thirty, and now i am wanting a heads up on what i should do next.

Someone mentioned to me that i should have been thirty-three when taking on The Warrior so that way it'll be level thirty-five, and i could farm him til level forty before venturing forward. I was also told that i should only do Story Quests in True Vault Hunter mode so Side Quests will be level fifty when i go back to them.

Kind of worried i may have screwed myself over...

Oh, and what about DLC?

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You can't farm bosses till playthrough 2.5 anyways so I'm not sure what they're talking about. Don't worry about the quest rewards. If you're really that concerned about it just do the quests that offer greens as rewards and save the blue quests until you get to level 50. You should still reach level 50 fairly easily by simply doing the main quest missions anyways. As far as the DLC, it scales to your level until you reach TVHM. After that the enemies will all range from level 49 to 52.

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I just went through the story, did every side mission I could, farmed the warrior about a dozen times, did the pirate DLC, and started TVHM.
I'm now about half-way through that and a few missions into the newest DLC, it is by no means easy but I got a few legendaries from somebody when I played on another game so once I hit level 50 I should be set.
46 at this point, by the way.
Leveling in TVHM is extremely quick.