Trading raz0r Zero head and rastanafarious Salvador head for any on my list.

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Xbox 360 GT: EB0NFR0ST I am willing to trade the raz0r head and rastanafarious head for any of the following: HEADS -Boatmurderer (preferable) -XXX (preferable) -Lovely corpse -Sledgehammer -Nihilism -Bone blinder -Space knight (preferable) -Special Edition Axton head -Vault veteran or crazy -Digitized Death GUNZERKER SKINS (2 preferable but if not 1 will do) -Caught red handed (preferable) -Widowmaker (preferable) -Lets be bad guys -Strong liver -Ride the wave -Gold standard -Killer bee -Sun of the vault -Don't wanna explode -Tell me the truth -Black is back (preferable) -Gearbox -Vladof Freedom -Tediore Value (preferable) -Blacklight -DAHL efficiency -DAHL predator -Hyperion Hornet -Jakobs filgrele -Special edition (preferable) -Pandoran legend (preferable) Just message me if you are wanting to trade, or if you have any and care to dupe them for free. Thanks. ^.~
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Hi again EB0NFR0ST

I got the raz0r head, and i wanna trade it for all the gunzerker skins.

I do understand if this is a little much to ask for, but i have been looking for them in god knows how long time.

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Lol. I'm looking for the stuff on my list, and I have the raz0r and rast up for trade. XD