[PS3] Infinite money. Spoiler*

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Hi all, This is my first post on this board and I thought, why not kick off with a bang. I know that most of the playstation users on this board probably already know this exploit, but still. First off, the spoiler with the asterix: if you think this spoils the game, then don't do it. I'm not making you do it, I'm only telling you how. That said, I'll now spill my beans on how to make a fortune in about ten to 30 minutes, with no internet connection and no modding at all. What you need: -2 controllers -at least one character with a gun or cash -a bit of patience :D What you do: -Load the game with your main character -Go to a place with a vending machine (as early as Sr Hammerlock's backyard) -Join with the second controller and chose the same PS profile as your main -Create a new character or join with an existing character (preferably named VM-Mule, or anything, to make sure you always have the right char for muling cash) -Trade all the cash and items from your first char to the second one -Press start on second controller follow by circle, to leave with saving -After saving, press and hold the PS home button and select quit, to quit WITHOUT saving -Reboot the game and start a session with your main *take a note here that all the items and cash are back on your main... -Again, join with the mule you've just created *...and everything is still also on your mule! -Sell everything with your mule at a vending machine -Trade all the items from your main to your mule again -Press start on the second controller followed by circle to save and quit -After saving, again, just press and hold PS home button to quit -Rinse and repeat :D Well, there's one more trick here. If you think you have a fair amount of cash, don't just trade it and spend it all on dying, but now tirn the exploint around: -Create a session with your mule -Join with your main char whom has to receive the cash -Trade all the cash from the mule to the main -Press start on the second controller (this time bound to your main, ofcourse) followed by circle to save and quit -Press and hold the home button to quit and start the game again. You now have the money on two characters again, which can be traded like in the first part of this tutorial. i hope you have fun with this, and if you don't know what to do, you can always PM me in here or on PSN: Yioishi Bye :)