omg!! what are we doing wrong?!?! help c LoTR easter egg

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i read 3 guides, including literally copying what somene was doing in a clip, and the guy just hit us goes around and comes to hit us again.

someone said that if coop, and one of the player is on the way, the npc would not walk toward the clift, so i let my friend go into that area by himself and i stayed behind

we did it walking, and driving.

we try getting out of the game when it didnt work and load the game again... 

NOTHING!!!! :cries: ..... 

in case important is a comando and siren, both lvl 50, both on play 2.5

ps. i though this guy always respawn? that you could farm him for skins, no?  the one time to last we went there, my friend kill it to at least farm the sskin (which btw drop for assassin... lol..) and when we went back the guy was not even there!!!!  did we completely screw this and should not even try anymore? :(