Need help with Hyperius

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I'm running a Level 50 TVHM Zero using mostly Sniping and halfway down Cunning (mostly for the Rising Shot skill). I'm very low on money and am using Transfusion grenades and a corrosive sniper that releases Health orbs (the one with the "Where is the library" in French as the effect). I'm doing okay at surviving and know to be behind that pipe when Hyperius does the giant nova thing. But I still can't beat him. By this point I feel like I need either a Res'ing Maya or just someone to come in who knows how to beat him in three seconds and just do it for me. Either way, I don't think I can do it alone, even with The Bee.

Anybody willing to help me out or provide me any gamebreaking tips that don't involve farming The Warrior for 8 days? (Tried farming for the Conference Call way back, three or four solid days of just playing against the Warrior and never getting one). My gamertag is HulkSMASH5263 on Xbox 360. Anyone willing to take some time out of their day to help a guy out, I'd be amazingly grateful.

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sniping is not a good raid boss build I'd focus on the cunning to to get death blossom and death mark and get a baby maker with a very low reload speed and up your smg capacity and acquire a tediore allegiance relic, mark him and throw that thing at him like nobody's business
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Unfortunately you've chosen the absolute worst build for bosses and multiplayer in general... Sniping is great at the beginning, stays great if you can actually get hits in between everybody else rushing in, or if you just play alone.
I'd consider respecing your skills, to be honest.