Looking to trade or dupe LV 50 Legendaries with (Xbox360)

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Hey there, I'm looking to do a trade or dupe with anyone on Xbox 360 for LV 50 legendaries. Below is a list of what I'm looking for and what I have to offer. If interested, reply here and we'll set up a time to get on Live.


Here's what I'm looking for...

1. Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold

2. The Bee Shield (I have a LV 49)

3. Torgue KerBlaster

4. Torgue Nukem

5. Infinite Pistol (I would prefer the non-elemental, electric version or both!)

6. Mechromancer Legendary Mod (not the Terramorphous drop)

7. Badaboom launcher 

8. The B*tch

9. The Baby Maker

10. The Sham Shield

11. Torgue Flakker

12. Siren Legendary Mod (not the Terramorphous drop)


Here's the Legendaries I have that you may want to trade or dupe for...

1. Critical Conference Call (Electric version, great for the Mechromancer) - LV 50!

2. Surfeit Thunderball Fists (Electric pistol) - LV 50

3. Sublime Volcano (Maliwan Sniper, Fire version) - LV 50, I absolutely love this sniper!

4. Impaler Shield - LV 50, launches corrosive homing spikes when damaged w/bullets

5. The Bee - LV 49, repeat: it's just LV 49

6. I also have a large selection of some of the best LV 48 Legendaries from the Torgue weapon machines that I can include if interested

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i can dupe a level 50 bee and a level 50 badaboom for you if you dupe your thunderball fist and cc for me send me a message at nyle05
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how about u get a life duping makes it so u dont have to spend hours on end killing the same guy if your trying to get all leg. if ppl are willing to help out they will if not oh well. how dose it break your playing the game when you prob play alone
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I can dupe you a level 50 kerblaster, cutting edge **** bee shield and the siren mod for the conference call, and impaler....my gamer tag is preppi....message me whenever, thanks