Looking for Xbox co-op pals, new playthrough, new characters

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Hoi hoi

Looking for Xbox co-op pals for a new playthrough of Borderlands 2 main campaign with new characters. Just picked up this game again after about a year of neglect.

Aussie here, so if anyone lives in an agreeable timezone (or just suffers from insomnia) message me or add me:



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I'd play with you, but i only really talk on skype, i'm also 16 so if both of these things are fine i'd be happy to marathon borderlands

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@thecay1998: Hey mate.

I posted this a while back, so since then i've just beaten the main campaign and now i'm moving onto Captain Scarlett's DLC shortly with existing character a level 34 Commando.

If you or anyone else is interested in joining me in that, message me on Xbox.