Looking for various lvl 50 Legendaries, willing to trade/dupe what i have (XBOX)

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Looking for any variants of: Infinity Pistol Shredifier Norfleet Legendary Class Mods Bouncing Bonny Grenade Mod Fire Bee Grenade Mod What I have for you (all lvl 50): Volcano (Sniper) Badaboom (Launcher) Restructuring Conference Call (Shotty) Slagga (SMG) Hellfire (SMG) Sticky Homing Bonus Package (Grenade) Longbow Storm Front (Grenade) The Bee (Shield) Gamertag is zdstew
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would you be interested to dupe some of your legendary weapons. Unfortunately I have not gotten any legendary weapons yet, after farming for many hours. Thx
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send a message to me Gt GunzerkinCraker