Looking for three skin heads, have some legendary/heads to trade and some offers

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Am looking for shadaloo stylish, razor and boatmurderer willing to trade these items



Barking Volcano(fire) lvl50

Two Fer Maggie(non) lvl50

Speeedee Badaboom(non) lvl49

Practicable Conference Call(acid) lvl50

Lucid Hellfire(fire) lvl50

Corporate B****(non) lvl50

Pacifying Pitchfork(slag) lvl50

Practicable Conference Call(non) lvl50

Grounded The Bee lvl50

Hide of Terramorphous lvl50

Blood of Terramorphous lvl50

Homing Fire Bee lvl50



Bone Blinder(commando)

Kawaii killer(siren)

Dapper Gent(commando)

Til Death Do Us Part(siren)




so trading these items for the heads. now for the legendary mods i have Legendary Siren lvl50 and Legendary Hunter lvl50, looking to trade legendary for legendary(not slayer)mods for the ones am missing lvl 50 too. so if u have any of the heads i mention or legendary mods i dont have message me and well trade. My Gmertag is RedSevered






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well got the heads thanks to Kaeichi u the man so end of post