Looking for partners.

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Looking for some partners on this :). I  have a mic and all that good stuff lolz. I also play other games but that's for a different time.


PSN- Psychotic_-Vixen


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im down GT Tulegitimate77
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Im also up for some borderlands...as long as your not a douche like most that i have met that join my game
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My tag is rogue81. I'm with mrsniper though. I get really picky about who I play with. I tend to just stick with my friends list.

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Blehh, never mind.this shiat put me in the wrong place

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PSN - OneManDynasty81 About to get on in maybe 30 minutes after the Giants/Panthers game for about an hour. I will add everyone in this thread and send a message that I'm from here gamespot/gamefaqs.
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if you be playing on the ps3, im down...psn id is LongenWhatNot. make sure you have a mic and are talkative and fun and such.
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are you still looking for people to play?