Looking for Lvl 50 legendaries (xbox)

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Hey guys, just joined up on the fourms here, looking for some things to make my game a little more kill and a little less die, so im looking for a infinity pistol of any kind, preferibly shock, a CC, mecro legendary mod, and a high amp dmg bee, im working on farming right now, i have a bee lvl 48, but obviously not what I need, willing to trade for any of the things above! dupe would be fine with me! thanks guys happy hunting. XBL: A Very Fat Guy
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Trade what? I have a shock infinity, ccs of every flavor, a SoT mech mod, and a 42k damage bee/inflammable bee, all lvl 50. But the question is, what do you have to trade/dupe? Not to be a butthole, just tryin to build up my own collection, too :P