I have some ORANGE GEAR/SKINS/HEADS to trade for Quasar/Infinity/Kerblaster/etc.

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Message me here, then on XBOX xbox GT: theartist37

So help me out???

I REALLLY need the following 5 Items for my ZERO when he gets level 50 (he is level 43 atm)

lv 43/Lv 50 Quasar

lv 50 Infinity Gun: (Slag preferably, otherwise Electric or Normal)

Lv 50 legendary Hunter class mod (I found one recently but lost it :(

LV 50 Gentleman's Pimpernel (slag) (I really love this gun!)

Lv 50 Stabbing Kerblaster (gets me out of so many tough situations, and lots of second winds lol)

optional: Lv 50 Lyuda/White death (slag)

My Haves: I have Lv 41 Deliverance, lv 38 Kerblaster, Lv 50 Rolling Thunder, Lvl 50 Logans Gun, Lv20/29/50 Bee Shield, lv 50 Flame of the Firehawk, Lv 29?Negenator Lv ? Longbow, Lv19 Nukem, Lv 19 Trick Shot Maggie, Lv30 Flakker, Lv? Striker and maybe more that I can dupe

I also have some legendary skin Customizations for Mechromancer plus the Special Edition Head Custimazations if anyone is interested!

-------------------------------------------------- this is all for my Zero build btw Im running primarily a Sniper build, with just a dash of Cunning(Fast Hands: reload speed/weapon swap) and Bloodshed(Iron Hand: Health) and my Equips include Pimpernel (slag)/Bladed Sand Hawk/ Kerblaster/Filler Pistol(will be Infinity) Stockpile Relic (Sniper Max Ammo + 41% and +3 Grenade Count) Shock Singularity Grenade Mod (will be quasar) I love this build because I can throw a Sing Grenade out, pull enemies together and bombard them with shots from the Kerblaster, or, since I have the Bore Skill, Shoot them with the Pimpernel/Sand Hawk/Pistol and just pierce kill them.