How do I kill w4r-d3n

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with bullets and explosives and swords.... but specifically i used a pretty sick tediore shotgun and just kept ducking behind the entrance. take down the shield get a few hits in, take out the bots, repeat 

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Concur with above post. It's much easier if you're with friends. And have Maya's phaselock to kill those healing bots it spawns. Take down the things shields with electric and corrosive. Keep hitting it near that red eye thing. Sniper guns help. I just beat the thing with my bf. 

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we had a team of 4 (all classes) and i was on zero, just let them take the aggro while i kept sniping it in the eye. it went down relatively quickly that way.

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I solo'd him with Rockets and Corrosive weapons.

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The best and the easiest way to kill him is when it flews to friendship gulag...there is a place on the right hand side where he's standing..jump right into it and then its way easy..u won't be hurt by any of the robots it generates and even from the renforcement....all u need is bullets and cash to buy them if ur out of ammo...

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I used a Corrosive SMG, killed him pretty fast.
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If you go up the far left side you can take cover in a container that's open on either end. Fight patiently from there until you've whittled down most of the opposition, then emerge from cover and use a fast firing shield draining weapon. You may want to use the container again after killing w4r d3n, as the enemies that spawn immediately after can be a handful.
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I played alone, all I used was a high powered corrosive sniper and a three-way hulk shotgun. Took me forever because I was hiding over where there is a waterfall with a bench and 2 ammo boxes on each side of it.

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The best way to kill him if you have no corrosive/shield weapons is to run right up close to him and spam your most powerful gun into his face when his shield is down.  You will get killed but during fight for your life, just kill one of his minions and spam bullets into its eye again.  Rinse and repeat until dead.  

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first kill the drone flying above him that is restoring his shield then fire away

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He was 2 levels ahead when i battled him, it only took me a clip from my caustic sniper to down him. So Caustic weapons, aim at has eye, especially if he is trying to constuct something it will stop him from doing so.

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there is another 'relatively easy' option i ran in, passed by all the robots and 'hid' behind w4r-d3n there is a relatively wide niche behind w4r-d3n which does not offer too much protection but it is good enough since w4r-d3n does not/cannot turn, he is completely exposed from behind other robots will shoot at you but they cannot approach you for melee attack and they also cannot shoot as much as in the open since you are partially protected in that niche behind w4r-d3n once there, do not worry about other robots, just pummel w4r-d3n's ass with everything you got hope this helps