Gearbox Developer Skins and Bee Shield

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I have the gearbox developer skin customizations for all five characters and a bee shield with +43733 amp damage that I can dupe to anyone who can get me either the blood of terramorphous or the conference call, preferably both. Will also dupe for any BUNK3R heads, terramorphous heads, or vermivorous heads.
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I have the blood of terramorphous and the conference call. Hit me up online. xboxlive: brendonia
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#3 Posted by ChrispyCaspa (25 posts) -
Alright, I'm online and I sent you a message.
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are u on ps3?
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if your on xbox I could give you either a corrosive or electric conference call for the gearbox skin for the commando, hit me up, GT: Monsieur mudkip
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wow, you have some rare loot dude. ____________________________________________________________________ Borderlands 2 XP Glitch | Borderlands 2 Moxxi Glitch