Duplicate lvl 61 Legendaries/Pearls for Fire Shreddifier / Lead Storm

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Have been farming loot midgets the last few weeks and gotten many legendaries. Will list and edit what I have and what I need below. If you have any item in my missing category, I will be glad to duplicate any item I have.______ Have:________ Class mods: Slayer of Terramorphous (Gunzerker 50) _____ Legendary (Siren, Gunzerker, Assassin, Soldier, Mechromancer)_______ Shields: The Bee, Fabled Tortoise, Black Hole, Impaler, The Sham, Transformer___________ Grenades: Bonus Package 60, Rolling Thunder 60, Bouncing Bonny, Fast Ball, Leech (Fire & Caustic), Quasar 59, Storm Front, Pandemic, Nasty Surprise____________ Shotguns: Conference Call, Sledge's Shotgun, Deliverance, Flakker, Striker, Butcher________ Assault Rifles: Sawbar, Bearcat 60, Madhous, Kerblaster, Hammer Buster, Veruc 61: 60 (Fire & Shock)_______ Snipers: Volcano, Invader, Storm, Long Bow, Lyuda 60 shock___________ Launchers: Nukem, Badaboom, Tunguska, Norfleet (Fire)______ SMGs: Hellfire, Emperor, Baby Maker, B1tch, Slagga, Avenger, Lascaux, Sand Hawk_____ Pistols: Stalker 60, Unforgiven, Infinity, Hornet, Gub, D.P. Unkempt Harold, Gunerang, Thunderball Fists, Logan's Gun, Maggie 59________ Ancient Relics:  Heart (Pistol damage 60 & Launcher damage 61), Bone (Fire & Corrosive Damage), Skin____ Need:______ Shields:   WTF, Hide of Terramorphous, Neogenator, The Cradle___________ Grenades:  Fire Bee, _________ Shotguns: ____________ Assault Riles: Shreddifier, Lead Storm(fire)________________ Snipers: Pitchfork,  Skullmasher_________ Launchers: Pyrophobia, Bunny, Mongol____ SMGs: Sand Hawk(fire) _______ Pistols: ____ Relic: Blood of Terramorphous

PSN chss1987

***NOTE*** ALL items are lvl 61 unless noted.

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hi i have a pyrophobia and madhouse and bolshy white death, i can dup for a infinity pistol if u are interusted
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send me a friend request.  my psn is: chss1987

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Hey. Can I have a Lvl 50 bee shield and a Lvl 50 Conference Call?
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i have a level 50 baby maker if you'd like. just send me a message PSN: GoOnJustSayIt