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can anyone trade me this on psn? name is eridian. i have the legendary shield impaler and the grenade mod that the warrior drops and the flakker to trade for it as well as a lvl 48 bee shield and cash along with all this if you want. it needs to be lvl 50
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come on, someone has to have it for trade, i have spent more time fighting the damn warrior then i have actually playing the story of the game by now. i have found every legendary he drops but the dame conference call lol got the sniper rifle, shield, grenade mod, and other shotgun but not the legendary i want. in case anyone does not know how to dupe items this is how i do it. i take my character save, copy him to my alt profile on my PS3. put my items that i want 2 of in my stash and save and quite, then i delete my guy, sign into the alt profile and copy him back into my main. go into the game and have the guns still in the stash and my backpack.