27 slots tops????? C'mon!!!!

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1st off...  Best game ever, dun.  I played the 1st up until the day of the release of the 2nd, more than 2 years total, it was the near perfect gaming expeirience; and after saving all the Cl4p tps, I had 45 lovely spare inventory slots.

Part 2 is spectacular; but ONLY 27 INVENTORY SPOTS??????!!!!111!!!1one!!!!!  C'mon!!!!  I call horse banannas on that baloney spit!!!!   I don't want to have to be selecvtive, I wanna grab and sell everything after spending 30+ hours farming/earning Eridium.

Love ya Gearbox, but 27 is too small.



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odds are that with the new dlc's they'll add more inventory space like a second black market