A little weird but decent game...

User Rating: 7 | Boom Boom Rocket X360
When you start playing the game you kind of think its a Guitar Hero rip off. It copys some of the ideas they use. You have to press certain buttons to let of fireworks in the same way you would let off a note in guitar hero. The part when you add songs is interesting but everything else is kind of a let down. The city looks great but you can't hlep think you've done this all before...

Graphics - Its good watching fireworks go off.

Sound - The soundtrack a bit weird (Opera,etc)
but instead you just add your own music,\.

Gameplay - Not much after you finish playing
theres not much reason to go back.

Re-playability - Try and get an A on all of the

Controls - Reduced to Up,Down,left,right.

7/10, adding your music is good but apart from that
a bit mediocre. I would great if you could make your own
fireworks but you can't.