Simple Yet Brilliant Fun - Well Worth It!!!

User Rating: 9 | Boom Boom Rocket X360
what can i say? well for starters it's a simple game that reminds me of those dance games like Dance Factory but with fireworks that match the beat of very famous old songs but with a more Retro Tech Beat making Old Opera cool but if that isn't your style you can listen and play to your favourite songs on your 360

Multiplayer options aswell adding to a ton of features but its more rewarding once you've completed Single Player mode where you can unlock many fireworks by getting through the stage and hitting the end firework to unlock more fireworks one for each song on each level of difficulty

Hopes: apart from more downloadable songs I would like it to have a sequel Boom Boom Rocket 2 which would hopefully have about 50 extra songs and a classic mode which will be able to let you play normal BBR and a advancded multiplayer mode

Overview: The new Dance Dance Revolution - watch out for extra downloadable songs plus with any luck a sequel