Some entertaining puzzles and challenges, but the inconsistency of difficulty makes it hard to advance levels.

User Rating: 7 | Boom Blox WII
I loved the first few hours of Boom Blox. The puzzles and intricate problem solving were challenging. However, the game doesn't progress from easy to challenging. In order to unlock the more advanced levels, you need to beat some very difficult games to get to the easier games which follow. The controller isn't sensitive enough, and I found some of the levels impossible to beat, either because of the lack of sensitivity on the controls or because they were out of my comfort zone, which meant I couldn't get into the higher levels of the game. Because of that, Boom Blox was a much shorter game for me than it should have been. I'm planning to buy Bash Party eventually, as I heard they have fixed some of the problems people complained about with the first game.

If you like challenges and you are good at games involving quick timing, you will enjoy this game. Otherwise, I'd skip it and go for the sequel.