The missions are boring but create mode is pretty fun

User Rating: 7.5 | Boom Blox WII
First thing I want to say about this game is that it should be on PC. Because everybody's hands shake a little bit, and the wii controller gets the shake too. Which makes this game hard.

Create mode of course, allows you to build things out of blocks. Or if your bored, blow the crap out of things with it and watch the wonderful physics in action.

Now, shaking hands a a big problem in this game. It makes it hard to aim and build. In build mode, the blocks place on the ground easily, so you have to be really steady. What I mean is that when building, if your hand shakes the slightest bit, the block always goes to a place that you don't want it to even go to. (Get what I mean?)

Well, anyway, another really annoying problem is that the score you need to even get to bronze in most levels is too much for the levels difficulty. Like there was a really hard level where to even get to bronze you need about 450 points... Annoying as hell.

screw the missions, I am going to create mode.
I like making things explode.
If you are into physics, or destruction I will be sure you will like this game. Otherwise, this game is alright, but could of been better.