A superb improvement on the epic original with plenty of great new stuff to keep the series fresh, fun and challenging!

User Rating: 9.5 | Boom Blox Bash Party WII
Boom Blox: Bash Party is an absolutely brilliant game! That's all that really needs to be said but it deserves so much more!
The original was a completely original game with an impressive variety and amount of gameplay which was charming, funny, challenging and very addictive! Single-player and multiplayer the original was great fun providing hours upon hours of gameplay. So how does the seuel shape up?
Superb is the answer! First of all there are new 'toys' to use such as the much-loved slingshot, similar to the puck (also new) which work well with the Wii Remote and are fun to use. Then there is the cannon which again works very well and is great to use. There are various other new toys and one returning from the sequel including the baseball, bowling ball (which provides more power than the baseball), bomb ball (and the two stronger versions causing epic destruction!), laser gun, paint ball and the new chemical, vanish and virus balls!
Seeing as there are new toys there are obviously going to be... new blox! Yes there are now virus blox which are cleverly incorporated into the levels in which they are involved and not to mention the new hull blox too! Also there are new shapes of blox such as cylinders which work woners is some levels and even act as pux (pucks) in some levels!
As for all of the levels there are over 400 in the whole game! Yes 400! A ridiculously huge amount more than most puzzle games (though Boom Blox isn't a puzzle game alone). And the designs of the levels are extremely cleverly made too, as in the original. It requires strategy to figure out how to complete certain levels, whether that be getting enough points as you can within a time-limit or throw/sling/shoot-limit, ridding other gems whilst you defend your own or many other things and in MANY different ways!
In addition there are awards which you can get along the way for throwing 50, 500 or 5,000 bomb, chemical, vanish, virus or baseballs and also for hitting those in-level blox characters 50, 500 or 5,000 times! Plus you recieve awards for obtaining certain amounts of bux! Yes now there is a currency! How does that work then?
Well as you complete levels you gain bux which you can later use in the create mode (more on that later!). Also, due to the ability of gaining medals within levels, the amount you are rewarded depends on how well you do. For example if you only achieve a bronze medal-worthy score you will get less than a silver medal and you'll get quite a lot for a gold medal! However you do not HAVE to use your bux to spend on unlockables as, as stated, they are already unlockable and so the majority of the items, if not all, you will unlock throughout the game anyway.
Now for the create mode! The create mode on the original was admittedly a little dull at times and there wasn't a huge lot which you could do but now that has been heavily improved as you can create a vast amount of superb levls or just designs as has already been proved on the EA Boom Blox server! Yes that's right you can even uploaded your created levels to EA and if they get approved other people can play them and rate them! You can search for levels under solo, vs or co-op levels and you can text search and ID search fot them too so it's easy to find what you're looking for! Not to mention the freestyle levels where people make designs of all kinds of things such as spaceships, chain reactions and an incredibly huge amount more which i won't spoil! The creator also includes a wide range of rules too catering for different types of levels and it is nowhere near as fiddly as the original's was at times (though the rest of the game still rocked).
Finally the game includes a host of new things which i havn't mentioned but you will be pleased to find out when (if and i hope you do) you buy the game. One of those things however is a whole co-op section where you can complete the game in co-op mode as well as solo mode (different levels for each) and the versus section is more fun then you'll ever have in most games with all-new ideas!
I cannot recommend Boom Blox: Bash Party enough and i strongly believe that it is one of the best games of the year and an essential purchase for Wii gamers 'hardcore' and 'casual' sue to a brilliant mixture of fun, strategy, charm, entertainment and challenge! EA and Spielberg have yet again pulled off a great job on the sequel to the award-winning Boom Blox on Wii. Good job guys! Here's hoping it becomes a trilogy!
Review by Chris Taylor, aka Nintendood ( 3rd 'o' on GameSpot =( )