There are bloxs to the left of you and bloxs to the right. No matter where you go the bloxs will hunt you in the night.

User Rating: 8 | Boom Blox Bash Party WII
Boom Blox Bash Party is one of them games that you never realy see yourself playing. Which is why i never realy played the first one at all....But then as always one of my friends brings it round and it was a blast to play. Now a few months down the line and news hits that a new game called Boom Blox Bash Party is coming out so i make my mind up there and then and i set out to make it mine.

Boom Blox Bash Party is not a very old game it came out on May 29, 2009. So its not retro and its not oldschool which i love to play alot as i tend to have alot more of them types of games in my collection. Having said that it is alot of fun and even more fun if you invite friends along for the ride.

The story for Boom Blox Bash Party is so simple even i can follow it.....There is no story at all...its just all puzzles and gameplay and having as much fun as you can before you end up throwing the Wiimote because you forgot to put on the wriststrap....(not me i am very very carefull with things like that)

The strange thing about Boom Blox Bash Party is that it is made by the one and only Steven Spielberg....which to me when i found out about that was shocking as i had no idea he held an interest in our great pasttime....

But now i amd getting sidetracked and i should realy talk about the gameplay of Boom Blox Bash Party (sorry about that i tend to do that alot). In this game you set out to solve a number of puzzles by either throwing, placing, shooting, bowling and what ever else they can spring on you at the time. Not only can you solve puzzles that come with the game you can also have a go at making your own and solving ones that others have made as well.

This is a great time filler game and tons of fun at partys....its also great fun with kids as they seem to enjoy the destruction in the game (heck so do i if i am honest with you). So with that being said if you have not yet played the first one why not give this one a blast in the blox's :).