My initial thoughts - Brief App Review

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I've been playing this game a week now but its only been out for a month or so I believe. So far, it reminds me of other App Card based free to play games such as Rage of Bahamut or Legend of the Cryptids. One area that stands out to me so far is the card artwork. I enjoy this style a bit more than pure anime feel like RoB or others. While the concept isn't new for a F2P (free to play) app, one thing that initially drew me to start this one is because its only recently launched but consistently growing. Whenever I play Castle Age, RoB, etc. I feel like I'm starting years behind everyone and its just so far out of reach to even compete in pvp circles or prizes. This one is new, growing, and is engaging so far and I hope you give it a shot. The developers at Gree, Inc. are also quite active at updating and keeping the game dynamic so far. This card app seems to take a heavier emphasis on solo pvp in "Arena" style weekly tournaments rather than heavy guild teamwork feel like Castle Age or RoB. The rewards are pretty good so far and feature unique SR, HR, and R cards as well as coin and premium chest keys. If the rewards change weekly for the arenas like they have so far, it gives good incentive and every participant wins at least something Two things I would like to see in the future are: 1. An in app chat room or forum for trading/discussion. 2. More need for teamwork in arena battles or some guild concept whether its for pvp purposes or purely community enhancement If you do try Book of Ashes, please add Argoth after you complete the tutorial for a free rare card for both of us. Good Luck! Argoth
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I have enjoyed this game and it is interesting to play. You should ensure you do the following: 1. Build a solid friend network and utilize them fully 2. Use the fusion and evolve functions 3. Trade, trade and trade. 4. Conserve your energy and use the low level monsters in your fusion process. 5. When signing on, you should use a person's name after the tutorial. You may use Nolesguy and I will share with you any benefits. I hope you have fun playing this game.