Boogie is an interesting game, but sadly isn't just as good of a Rhythm game compared to the other games in this genre.

User Rating: 6.5 | Boogie PS2
I was walking in my local bargain store when I saw this game. I asked the clerk how much the game was, and he said $20. I thought this was an amazing deal, getting a game that cheap that comes with a second Microphone for Rock Band (Yes, the Mic is almost exactly like the Rock Band mic, although it is a bit lighter, has a black grill, and is EA branded.)

However, the game wasn't as good as I expected it to be. The controls are pretty unique, but eventually appear to be "button-press to the beat" style. The Karaoke is not as responsive as other games that use Mics, (Such as Rock Band), but this comes from the game itself. The Story mode is short, easy, and completely anticlimactic.

There are many good features in Boogie, though. Right off the bat, you get to design your own character, and have a decent selection of clothes from the start. The game also has a built-in Music Video mode, where you can make videos of your avatar singing and dancing to the music.

I have mixed feelings about the songs, but in case you wish to listen to them and decide for yourself, I set up a playlist here:

I personally feel that this game doesn't measure up to other beat-based games like Elite Beat Agents and the Ouendan series, but it is good for a few hours entertainment.