Kinda fun at first.

User Rating: 5 | Boogie WII
I like caroke to an extent but this waz way different.Its fun like the first half-hour but then i just goes bad.dancing is not fun beacause u do all the same moves and its annoying trying to get rhythm to some songs if youre not familiar with them.The soundtrack waz ok nothing special i think the best kareoke game to date is Lips for the XBOX360 because you can put any song you want on there its fun i played it at a friends house.i wouldent recomend buying this game it not what its all craked up to be.But now that i own it im not going to sell it because u dont get neer of what u payed for so plz dont buy this horible,boring,idiotic,stupid,worth nothing,peice of crap,game.And i am not buying the second! ok thanks for reading i hope you will make the right desicion because ur wasting youre money ok bye