Do not Buy

User Rating: 1 | Boogie PS2
This game is not good. iIplayed it for 12 seconds and kew it was CRAP. at first it seems good but no NO its NOT. IF you agree with me and hate it fine go sell it. But who would want to buy this garbage. I warn you it isn't good. I was so excited to play this but um yeah a BIG let down. I saw people Who gave this a ten and they are idiots. sorry for my french but i really hate it. If you like it fine fine but um Maybe not for long. The charaters are cool dressind them is cool, cool songs but it is extrermley hard to figure this game out. I HATE this so much. Thank you for listing and maybe not happy gameing. you should go buy a different karoke game but plese not this one. tis shouldn't even be worth 10 cents not even 1. So plese do not buy this. i cant tell you enough not to buy it really i cant. And if you do not agree with me then loser. so okk i seed everything i have to say about this rubbish so um ok . All i have to say know is um Oh yeah bye bye ^-^.