A game that has its moments, but at most times its boring and mediocre

User Rating: 6 | Boogie WII
Although the Wii has many wierd and mostly wonderful games, but it has yet to see a decent game like sing star, although whether or not Rockband proves to be worthy is what we in Aus are waiting for.
So many will be strolling through shops to be enlightened by Boogie, a game that promises things like, good dancing, singing and a straight forward bad music video maker. The buyer will quickly go home and pop in the wii, only to find a boring and sickening experience completely different to what they THOUGHT they were buying.
The songs are original therefore someone got wierd people to sing them.
The cell shaded graphics while ok looking dont make up for the bad sound of things around it. The mic while works the game doesnt register change in tone until you've changed note for around 5 seconds, and you are supposed to keep rhythm while dancing when it doesnt even get the time right when you do get it right. I mean this is electronic arts, EA arent we supposed to like this game, and enjoy it, rather than screaming and wanting to throw it out the window.
It isnt horrible, but it isnt far from it. I strongly recommend you RENT this game first, if you fall in love with it unlike me grab it at the closest gaming retailer, or bring it back 2 hours later demanding a refund.
In the end its a very mediocre experience that lasts halfway through an awkward song. you have been semi warned