Fun game where you blow stuff up =)

User Rating: 7 | Bomberman NES

Bomberman is a fun game where you blow stuff and it's been so long since i've played it that I don't remember the your supposed to do. I think you have to like find a hidden door or something like that. Well once I get a new working Nintendo then i'm going to be playing bomberman a lot. I rated it 7.0 because t's fun andyou can blow stuff up and it's pretty good for a 19 year old game by Hudson.

I put just right as the difficulty because last time I played it, it was hard on some levels and easy on a few of them. I've been playing between 20-40 hours because it's so fun and addictive. I love it!!!!!! I put just plain fun because it's just plain....well, fun lol.

That's all I have to say about Bomberman and fo those who aren't sure about it, I suggest you buy it. C yall later.