User Rating: 7 | Bomberman NES
This was my first NES title (I didn't even get Mario or Duckhunt with my system), so it will always have a special place in my collection (this was LONG before Bomberman became popular). The gameplay was real-time puzzle/strategy, where you were trapped in a maze covered in blocked off passages and patroling enemies (who will eventually find you and kill you, if you don't immediately start moving out). You could blow up many of the walls blocking you in, your goal being to find the gate to exit to the next level which is contained in one of the walls. You would also find a variety of powerups in the walls as well (faster run speed, lay more bombs at once, bigger blast radiuses and eventually the ability to manually set off your bombs instead of them being timed). The mazes would obviously become increasingly difficult as you went on, with the monsters moving fast and faster. The ending to the game was fairly unsatisfactory, just being a tie-in with another HudsonSoft title called "Milon's Secret Castle". Overall it was a fun little title, it is only really considered a classic (being recently revised for the game boy advance) due to the later popularity of the francise (which only took off on the TurboGrafix-16).