Kaboom!The original & the best...uhmm...kaboom! Bombing-mania(idea).Hiccups...kaboom!

User Rating: 8 | Bomberman NES
You must make your way through 50 levels full with bricks & all sorts of funny looking but dangerous enemies.At every 5 levels completed there is a Bonus one where the Bomberman is invincible & he kills with no purpose-only to make the score higher.You start with 2 lives & you must kill all the enemies & after that blast the bricks with your bombs to find the door, the exit.If you try to blow the door, bad coins will come out & make your day a living nightmare.They give you high scores when you kill them....uhmmm...you pick all sorts of power-ups that help Bomberman speed up, increase the radius of the explosions, go through walls & so on....uhmmmm...the graphics, the music?Nah, it makes no sense to talk about them, all i can say is that the colour green predominates.From level to level you get to encounter new types of enemies, begining with the slow orange baloons & all the way to the ghosts, water "patches" & other baddies.At the end you get a message telling you that "We will see again in Lode Runner..." or something like that, Bomberman will return in Lode-Runner, another game made by Hudson Soft....uhmm...that's about it!